Annual Report

Friends of Leverett Library


JULY 1, 2021 TO JUNE 30, 2022

The Friends of Leverett Library support the town library in ways that fall outside of the purview of the town and state funding. As of July 1, 2021, the following served on the board: Leslie Fisette-president; Leah Larkey-membership coordinator; Peggy Brownell-treasurer, Kathy Weller-secretary, Gerald McFarland, Carolyn Anderson, Marilyn London Ewing, Rich Addelson and Richard Godsey-members-at large.

Beginning in July 2021, the library directorship was in transition after Misha Storm resigned. Sue Laclaire managed the library through the summer months with part-time help from Misha for administrative issues. In September Hannah Paessel was hired as our new director. Welcome Hannah!

Hannah was introduced at the Friends of the Library annual meeting on October 31, 2021. Our annual meeting had been delayed since October of 2019 due to the pandemic. Julie Anne Collier of Wingmasters presented a lively program featuring her birds of prey. The 2021 library art mug features 2 of her kestrel drawings.

The Friends raise money through memberships, special events and donations. By June 2022, we had 253 members, including 73 lifetime members. In fall 2021, we organized the second on-line auction of holiday baskets prepared and donated by members of the Friends board. The used book and DVD sale in the library vestibule continues. The 2022 mug featuring the art of Susan Valentine depicting Leverett Pond was introduced Town Meeting and is available for purchase at the library.

The Friends provide funds to the Library Director for programming expenses. We purchased rolling stools to assist the library staff with shelving of books and wheeled carts for storage of the community room chairs. In fall 2021 the Friends prepared an illustrated brochure listing the library’s offerings and services which was distributed to all Leverett mailing addresses.

We continue to support Dawn Marvin Ward’s maintenance of the patio garden. Patron passes to local attractions are kept current. Available passes are listed on the library website and posted on the bulletin board across from the circulation desk.


As approved May 15, 1990: as amended October 28, 1992; as amended October 23, 2011, as amended October 7, 2016

Article I


The name of this association shall be Friends of Leverett Library.

Article II


It is recognized that the administration of the Leverett Library is vested in the Board of Library Trustees, Friends being distinct and separate from the Trustees.

The purpose of this organization shall be to maintain an association of persons interested in books and libraries and to focus public attention on library services, facilities, and needs: Friends’ project to be undertaken only with the full knowledge and approval of the Library Director and the Board of Library Trustees.

Article III


Section 1 Membership in this organization shall be open to all individuals in sympathy with its purposes.

Section 2 Each member shall be entitled to one vote.

Article IV

Officers and Committees

Section 1 The Board of Directors shall consist of nine Members: a President, Membership Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and five at-large members.

Section 2 This Board of Directors shall serve as the governing body of this association and shall meet at the call of the President.

Section 3 The direction of affairs of this association shall rest with the Board of Directors, the President serving as Chairman. A majority of the members of this Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 4 Committees shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board as the need arises.

Section 5 The nine Board Members shall be elected at Annual Meetings by a majority vote of those present. Nominations from the floor shall be invited; no one shall be nominated without his/her consent. At each Annual Meeting either five or four members shall be elected to a two-year term.

Section 6 Vacancies arising on the Board shall be filled by appointment made by the remaining Board members.

Section 7 No Library Trustee or Library Staff Member may hold office in this association.

Article V


Section 1 This association shall hold its annual meeting each Fall for the purpose of election of Officers, to receive various reports, and to enact any other business. A written/email notice shall be sent to each member in advance.

Section 2 A special meeting may be held as directed by the President, provided the membership is notified by mail/email (with the business to be transacted stated) at least two weeks prior to the proposed date.

Article VI


Section 1 The annual dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 2 The fiscal year of this organization shall begin on May 1 of each year and end on April 30 of the following year. The membership year shall be the calendar year.

Article VII


Section 1 Adequate books of accounts shall be maintained by the Treasurer, who shall be responsible therefor.

Section 2 All monies received by the association are to be deposited in the existing checking account and from there may be transferred to an interest-bearing account and/or paid out.

Section 3 No funds shall be disbursed without a vote of the Board of Directors. Checks may be signed by the President or the Treasurer.

Article VIII


The Bylaws may be amended at any annual meeting of this association by two–thirds of the members present, provided that notice of the proposed amendment shall have been mailed/emailed to all members at least two weeks before the said meeting.

Article IX

Parliamentary Authority

All meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised except when in conflict with these Bylaws.

Article X


In the event of dissolution of this association, all of the net assets remaining after payment of any liabilities shall be paid over and distributed to the Town of Leverett, Massachusetts, to establish a fund for the benefit of the Leverett Library.

Last updated 10-7-2016

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